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The 2023-2024 application is now open.  Please click on the "Apply Now!" button to select the programs of your choice. This is the first step to your future career.  
Priority Application Deadline is February 1, 2023
This is for Students Applying to Four County Career Center 
for the 2023-2024 School Year 

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Application Process

High School Application Process 

  1. December 1st Application System is open
  1. February 1st- Deadline for applications to be considered priority placement
    1. All juniors will be given first priority (exception is CBI)
    2. Students can apply after February 1st but will be placed after the priority applications
  1. Placement letters will be sent out the first week of March
    1. These include acceptance letter, waitlist letter, and ineligible letter 
  1. Placement will continue through the first full week of school at Four County 

CBI Application Process

  1. December 1st Application System Opens
  1. CBI Placements will occur the first full week of May
  1. CBI Placement letters go out the first week of June.

Student Services Information

Student Counseling Services
Four County Career Center has four School Counselors that are available to students and their parents.  School counseling services include:
    *    Promoting students’ academic, personal, social and career development.
    *    Assisting in course planning with associate schools, students and parents for academic credit towards graduation.
    *    Helping students search for colleges or other postsecondary education programs.
    *    Securing information on college scholarships and financial aid.
    *    Assisting students and their families in admissions, transfers and withdrawals.
    *    Serving as a liaison for principals, teachers, students and parents.
    *    Following a code of ethics and privacy in dealings with students and parents.

Student Support Services
Four County Career Center offers several options for all students to get assistance with their education needs:
    *    Extra Help - several academic teachers make themselves available before and after school to provide assistance.
    *    In accordance with individual teachers' late/missing work policy, students may have opportunities to attend makeup sessions during each grading period.  This could mean missing 1 or more class periods or lab for the scheduled makeup session.

Special Education Services
Four County Career Center is committed to serving students with disabilities and helping them unlock their full potential.  The professionals at Four County Career Center and the associate school, along with the parents and students, work together to determine the best individualized education program.

The process often begins with a career assessment, consisting of interest inventories, aptitude testing and observations to help determine career options.  A team of Four County Career Center and associate school staff meet to consider these results along with other pertinent information to determine the most appropriate program placement.  Best practice dictates that a Four County Career Center representative be involved in the IEP/transition meeting in which the placement decision is made.

Four County Career Center offers a continuum of services/programs to individually meet the wide spectrum of student needs, from the mild to intensive intervention.  If placement in a typical career and technical program is deemed appropriate, the services of a Vocational Special Education Coordinator (VOSE) are available to students to provide program accommodations/modifications as determined in the IEP or 504 plan.  For students requiring more intensive assistance, Work Transitions and Job Training programs are available.

All career-technical education programs follow the district's policies of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity and disability in all programs, services, activities and employment.  The lack of English language proficiency is not a barrier to admission or participation.