Attendance Information

Four County Career Center Attendance Policy

The intent of the Attendance Office is to provide you with workable information on how to keep your student on a path toward high school graduation.  SCHOOL ATTENDANCE IS THE LAW.  Excessive absenteeism may result in poor performance, limited job skills, lower grades, failure, loss of credit, and dismissal from the Career Tech program.  

Excused Absences

Excused Absences Students are allowed 6 parent/guardian notes per semester (State Established) for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness or injury   
  • Needed at home
  • Death in family
  • Religious holiday
  • Emergency (with approval of Attendance Office)

Excused Verified Absence Reasons (If Possible schedule after school or weekends)

  • Physician visits/hospital care (Physician note required excusing from school, NOT work)
  • Court appearances (Requires note from that official)
  • Funeral of relative or friend (Submit funeral home card)
  • College visits/family vacations 3 days per year.  See Attendance Office for the form/approval.
  • Military (3 days per school year)
  • County Fair if in a leadership role or showing animals. (2 days allowed, requires parent and advisor note)

 Unexcused Absence

Unexcused Absence Examples

  • Overslept              
  • Car problems, train delay, missed bus, no ride, etc
  • Hunting
  • Voter Registration
  • Preparing Taxes
  • Living in school district where that school closed but the school of residency and FCCC are open

How we keep parents informed of Daily and Serious Absences

Automated Call/Message to parents on the date of the student’s absence. Attendance reports are sent to the associate schools daily.

Parents will be notified as student’s absences approach Habitual Truant Designation.  

      These include:

  •       30 or more consecutive hours
  •       42 or more hours in a month
  •       72 or more hours in a year – RC 2151.011(B)(17)

If a student is designated as Habitual Truant, the school can and will implement an attendance committee who will determine alternative consequences which can range from but are not limited to counseling, attendance contracts and In School Suspension.  If all opportunities have been exhausted and attendance does not improve, truancy charges will be filed.


Leaving During the Day

Any student who leaves the building at any time, during school hours, must have permission from the Attendance Office. All students must check out in the Attendance Office. Parent/guardian notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office in the morning before leaving.


Sick During the Day

Any student who is too sick to stay in school, must be picked up by a parent or guardian. After school hours, the school may contact the EMS if the student is not picked up.