Drug Free Club

Drug Free Club

Four County Career Center is pleased to provide affordable access to student drug testing at the request of the parents or legal guardian.  Results are 100% confidential and reporting goes directly to the parents.  The program provides peace of mind for parents/guardians and an "out" for teens.

How the Program Works:

1.  Read and sign the Informed Consent Agreement.  The student must also sign this agreement.

2.  Turn in the signed agreement and payment for the cost of the student drug testing.

3.  Upon completion of the testing, the Medical Review Officer will finalize results and will notify the parent/guardian of any positive testing results.  Results will not be released to any other party without written consent of the parent/guardian.

4.  If a positive test result occurs, the parent/guardian may request counseling or follow up testing within the program.

5.  Students will be tested at least once initially, and subject to random tests throughout the school year.

Benefits for Students:

1.  Get REWARDED for your drug-free lifestyle!

2.  Resume/Application booster!  As a member, you will stand out amongst your peers when applying for jobs.

3.  Members have an "out" if they find themselves in drug situations, "I can't, I never know when I'll be tested."

Cost:  $10/Student

Thanks to generous donors, Four County Career Center offers Drug Free Club Membership at a discounted rate.

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