School Nurse Office

Prescription Medications

Any prescribed medication must be kept with the School Nurse. Students who need to take prescription medication during the school day (including field trips) will need to download the Medication Administration Record for prescription medication below. This form must be signed by a parent/ guardian and the prescriber of the medication.  All prescription medication must be in their original container from the pharmacy. Drop off medication in the School Nurse office. Completed Medication Administration records can be faxed to the School Nurse at 419-267-2345 or emailed to [email protected].

Over the Counter Medications
Over the counter Medications are available in the School Nurse office with signed parental consent through Final Forms. If students wish to bring in their own over the counter medication, the medication must be in the original unopened container.  The form below must be completed and and turned along with the over the counter medication to the School Nurse office prior to administering any over the counter medications that are brought in by students. If students frequently request over the counter medications, the School Nurse may contact the parent for a Health Care Provider order for the over the counter medication. 

Health Care Plans

If your student has a condition that requires a Health Care Plan, you can print off one of the plans below as it pertains to your child.  If your child has a medical condition that is not covered by one of the plans below, please speak with the School Nurse to develop a plan of care. Email: [email protected]
School Nurse Office: 419-267-2238