Virtual Open House 2021

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Hello and welcome to the Four County Career Center Virtual Open House.  This Open House is all about you and I am glad you are here to find out more about Four County Career Center.  This virtual Open House will give you the opportunity to hear from our career technical program instructors and the academic partners for each program.  It is my hope that you will check out the programs that you are interested in and make sure that you ask the instructors questions that you may have about that career technical program.  After you visit the programs, it is my hope that you find a career technical program that best fits you.  Then take the next step and apply to that program and you will be on your way to starting your career at Four County Career Center.  Thank you for stopping by our Virtual Open House!
- Rick Bachman, Director of Career Technical Education

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  • Priority Deadline - February 1, 2021

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Questions?  Need support?

  • Contact an Admissions Representative at 419-267-2701

Open House Schedule

Explore Four County Career Center programs before Open House night

Career.  Research what options are available that will spark your student's interest.
(See the program links below)
.  Have confidence your student will be preparing for their future career.

Listen to how Academic classes relate to Career Technical Programs

Four County Career Center has 4 School Counselors that are available to students and their parents

Hear about the Special Education Services available to serve students with disabilities to help them unlock their full potential

Accounting & Business Management
Accounting and Business Management
Tina Short, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Ag Diesel Mechanics
Agricultural/Diesel Mechanics
Jason Elston, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Automotive Technologies
Tracy Harding, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Toby Kennerk, Program Instructors ([email protected])

CarpentryBuilding Trades/Carpentry
Matt Dye, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Curtis Miller, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Computer Design
Computer Design/3D Modeling
Michelle Rohrs, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Jill Westhoven, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Krista Whetro, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Kim Dunbar, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Management
Peter Herold, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Susan Myers, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
Mike Nye, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Health CareersHealth Careers
Donna Badenhop, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Robin Hill, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Computer NetworkingI.T. Academy
Computer Networking & Cybersecurity
Tim Ricketts, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Computer PrgrammingI.T. Academy
Computer Programming & Game Design
Matthew Geiger, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Landscape and Greenhouse Tech
Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies
Eric Hite, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement & Security Tactics
Kevin Thomas, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Systems & Piping
Steve Steingass, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Medical Office
Medical Office Technologies
Mary Jo Beilharz, Program Instructor ([email protected])

SMARTSpecialized Mechatronics
& Robotics Technology
Matthew Scarberry, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Veterinarian Assistant
Veterinarian Assistant
Stephanie Pippin, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Visual ArtVisual Art & Design
James Buchholz, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Erin Custer, Program Instructor ([email protected])

Work TransitionWork Transition
Catlyn Pavel, Program Instructor ([email protected])
Adrian Whitney, Program Instructor ([email protected])