About FCCC

Mission Statement

Four County Career Center provides quality Career Technical and Academic education to learners of all ages.

Who is Four County Career Center?

Four County Career Center provides experienced based education to prepare students to excel in college, secondary education and a range of careers. We have partnered with 22 school districts located across four northwest Ohio counties, including Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams, to provide a one of a kind educational experience.

High school students have the opportunity to enroll in 30 rewarding career and technical programs in their junior and senior years. The enrollment at Four County has exceeded over 1,000 students and accounts for approximately 28% of the area’s juniors and seniors.

Four County Career Center also offers a range of adult programming and business services to improve the employability and productivity of the surrounding community. Approximately 2,000 Adult students every year make use of the school’s adult programming, including programs in Health, Public Safety, Industrial Training, Information Technology and Human Resources.

Brief History

The story of Four County Career Center begins in May of 1966 with the formation of the Four County Career Center District. It encompassed approximately 1,700 square miles, including the four counties of Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams. This became the basis for the aptly named career center.

After three years of construction and  $5,000,000, Four County Career Center opened its doors to 900 junior and senior students in September of 1969. That same year in October, the building was dedicated by Governor Rhodes. This building still remains at the heart of Four County Career Center and has been expertly maintained over the years.

As the programs grew and technology changed, the original building has been upgraded and modified to meet the expert needs of the students within. Since its inception in May of 1966 the building has grown to encompass five acres under roof.

Four County was the first career center in the state to be built with local funds, exemplifying the strong support the residents of northwest Ohio have provided for Career Technical Education.

Since the school has opened over 22,000 students have graduated after attending Four County Career Center.