The Four County Joint Vocational School District hereby gives notice that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in the educational programs and activities operated by the district.

To carry out this policy statement, persons and offices as identified below shall be responsible for compliance within the designated areas.


Title IX

(Non-discrimination on the basis of sex)

Student Coordinator – Rick Bachman

Adult Coordinator – Tim Bowers


Title VI

(Non-discrimination on the basis of race, color)

Coordinator – Krissy Cheslock


Section 504

(Non-discrimination on the basis of handicap or national origin)

Coordinator – Krissy Cheslock 


Homeless Liaison 

Coordinator – Jeffrey Slattery


Foster Liaison

Coordinator – Jeffrey Slattery

Hazing and Bullying

As required by House Bill 276, below is a copy of the Four County Career Center’s policy on Bullying. We are required to post on the District web site a “summary” of reported incidents, by building, of bullying that takes place each semester of the school year. In addition to the policy, please find the number of reported bullying incidents.