Endowment Fund

Mission Statement
The Four County Career Center Endowment Fund is set up to provide financial support to Four County students for scholarships, program needs, senior projects and other educational purposes.

The Endowment Fund is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

Contributions are tax deductible.

Payroll deduction is available for employees of Four County.

Click Here to find out more about the Endowment Fund through the "2015 Newsletter"

How can I help?

1. Choose an annual membership that is right for you.

     Star Supporter $25 - $99
     Friends of Four County $100 - $499
     Success Building $500 - $999
     Honor Supporter $1000 minimum

2. Pledge a one time amount.

3. Become active in the foundation.

How to donate

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Endowment Fund you can do so by sending a check to the school, payable to Four County Career Center Endowment Fund or call 419-267-2348.

Endowment Scholarship 2020

Endowment Board Members

Board members

(FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Tami Kunesh; Rick Hupe; Tracy Dopp; Carol Payne

(BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Ed Houck; Tim Meister; Jane Hibbard; Cathy Houck; Carole Wolfe; Jim Battershell

Endowment Brick Form