National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society currently serves approximately 100,000 active members and nearly a million members since its inception in 1984.  Awarding over $2 million in scholarships to date, NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 30 years, NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education.

2022 NTHS Members

NTHS Senior Members

NTHS Juniors
NTHS senior members include (1st ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Derek Cobb (Evergreen) Mechanical Systems & Piping; Brendan Degryse (Fairview) Computer Programming & Game Design; Raquel Romero (Edgerton) Visual Art & Design; Zoe Smith (Defiance) Visual Art & Design; Rheya Drown (Defiance) Early Childhood Education; Madalyn Ritchie (Edgerton) Health Careers; Saige Johnson (Wauseon) Fire & Rescue; Adelina Ruente (Edgerton) Cosmetology; Lorelle Hetrick (Fairview) Interior Design; Aiden Fenter (Bryan) Electrical; (2nd ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Breanna Reasor (Bryan) Health Careers; Sarai Gutierrez (Evergreen) Health Careers; Novalie Ankney (Fairview) Accounting & Business Management; Paris Presnell (Evergreen) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics; Emma Vaculik (Evergreen) Medical Office Technologies; Sarah Breece (Patrick Henry) Medical Office Technologies; Cassandra Banks (Liberty Center) Health Careers; Alexia Roth (Stryker) Early Childhood Education; Miranda Bachman (Napoleon) Early Childhood Education; Tara Morr (Bryan) Cosmetology; Keagan Nichols (Bryan) Exercise Science & Sports Medicine; (3rd ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Landon Smith (Edgerton) Accounting & Business Management; Nick Myers (Patrick Henry) Fire & Rescue; Airik Weaver (Patrick Henry) Computer Programming & Game Design; Kaydence Page (North Central) Exercise Science & Sports Medicine; Iliana Scott (Napoleon) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics; McKenna Carter (Bryan) Cosmetology; Morgan Bassett (Hicksville) Cosmetology; Aspen Watson (Fairview) Health Careers; Tori Johns (Archbold) Health Careers; Kayda Bostelman (Ayersville) Cosmetology; Madison Marr (Delta) Cosmetology; (4th ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Tyler James (Bryan) Mechanical Systems & Piping; Conor Brown (Bryan) Welding Fabrication; William Decator (Bryan) Computer Networking & Cybersecurity; William Douglas (Bryan) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics; Clayton Behnfeldt (Napoleon) Computer Design/3D Modeling; Mason Stickley (Pettisville) Computer Networking & Cybersecurity; Bryce Reeves (Delta) Fire & Rescue; Tanner Rubinstein (Napoleon) Carpentry; Mason Herman (Edgerton) Ag/Diesel Mechanics; and Esten Kennerk (Edgerton) Automotive Technologies.  Absent from the photo are Elixah Bustamante (Delta) Guest Services & Skills; Sarah Emahiser (Napoleon) Cosmetology; and Brianna Leavitt (Defiance) Health Careers.

NTHS Junior Members

NTHS Junior Members

Junior NTHS Members
NTHS Junior members inducted include (1st ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Kyra Kreiner (Specialized Mechatronics & Robotics Technology); Abigail Wrayno (Visual Art & Design); Addie Mattern (Cosmetology); Tara Spencer (Health Careers); Trinity Stuckey (Health Careers); Ivy Lash (Health Careers); Arabella Arquette (Law Enforcement & Security Tactics); Savanna Tijerina (Computer Design/3D Modeling); Paige Morgan-Smith (Cosmetology); ( (2nd ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Alisha Singer (Cosmetology); Kinsley Martin (Law Enforcement & Security Tactics); Anna Frazer (Health Careers); Alexis Hamilton (Health Careers); Haley Decker (Health Careers); Caedmon Duwve (Visual Art & Design); Ethan Moffett (Automotive Technologies); David Foust (Specialized Mechatronics & Robotics Technology); (3rd ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Abbie Meyer (Health Careers); Madison Heuer (Exercise Science & Sports Medicine); Lyndsi Lorenzen (Accounting & Business Management); Stephen Traxler (Law Enforcement & Security Tactics); Chloe Zuniga (Cosmetology); Lindsey Sprow (Health Careers); Tracy Rose (Guest Services & Skills); Henna Law (Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies); Konner Prince (Specialized Mechatronics & Robotics Technology); (4th ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT) Lynae Poling (Cosmetology); Miya Weber (Health Careers); Wesley Joice (Electrical); Aiden Stolz (Interior Design); Raymond Foster (Specialized Mechatronics & Robotics Technology); Kaci Alspaugh (Fire & Rescue); Masen Towns (Diesel Mechanics); Owen Philpot (Diesel Mechanics); Masen Switzer (Fire & Rescue).  Absent from the photo are Riley Froelich (Health Careers); Isaiah Luce (Computer Design/3D Modeling); and Anna Miller (Health Careers).