HOSA - Future Health Professionals

HOSA is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA's goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to join and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.

HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, adult, and collegiate students enrolled in health science education and biomedical science programs or have interests in pursuing careers in health professions. HOSA is 100% health care!

HOSA is not a club to which a few students in school join. Rather, HOSA is a powerful instructional tool that works best when it is integrated into the HSE  and health science related curriculum and classroom. HSE instructors are committed to the development of the total person. Those who join the HSE-HOSA Partnership recognize the importance of providing students with training far beyond the basic technical skills needed for entry into the health care field. The rapidly changing health care system needs dedicated workers who, in addition to their technical skills, are people-oriented and capable of playing a leadership or followership role as a member of a health care team.

curriculum and classrooms.

2020-2021 HOSA - Future Health Professionals Officers

HOSA Officers
Officers of the Four County Career Center HOSA Chapter include (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Sarah French (Napoleon) Chapter President and State Officer Vice President; Vice Presidents Mackenzie Biliti (Defiance); Hailee Kanthak (Evergreen); Makenzie DeSantos (Delta); (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Tori Johns (Archbold); Skyler Marks (Patrick Henry); Kaydence Page (North Central); and Jaelyn Hall (Bryan).

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Sarah French, Health Careers
HOSA - Future Health Professionals
State Vice President

HOSA International Leadership Conference Winner

HOSA Conference
FCCC is pleased to announce that Skyler Marks (Health Careers) placed 7th at the 2021Virtual International Leadership Conference of HOSA - Future Health Professionals.  She competed in Personal Care. 

HOSA State Winners

HOSA - Defiance
Contest winners from Defiance county include (LEFT TO RIGHT) Nathaniel Bany (Fairview) Life Support Skills; Ava Litchy (Hicksville) Forensic Medicine; Kelly Rohrs (Tinora) Forensic Medicine; Aspen Watson (Fairview) Human Growth & Development; Kaycie Betz (Fairview) Home Health Aide; and Brianna Leavitt (Defiance) Personal Care.

HOSA - Fulton
Contest winners from Fulton county include (LEFT TO RIGHT) Emily Hines (Archbold) Community Awareness; Annabelle Hughs (Delta) Community Awareness; Natalee Rose (Archbold) Veterinary Science; Makenzie DeSantos (Delta) Health Career Display; and Hailee Kanthak (Evergreen) Health Career Display.  Absent from the photo is Tori Johns (Archbold) Health Career Display.

HOSA - Henry
Contest winners from Henry county include (LEFT TO RIGHT) Skyler Marks (Patrick Henry) Personal Care; Jocelyn Eash (Napoleon) Home Health Aide; Angela Sheets (Liberty Center) Personal Care; Sarah French (Napoleon) Healthy Lifestyle; and Cassandra Banks (Liberty Center) Clinical Specialty.

HOSA - Williams
Contest winners from Williams county include (LEFT TO RIGHT) Madalyn Herman (Bryan) Clinical Nursing; Keagan Nichols (Bryan) Community Awareness; Kayla Degroff (Bryan) Community Awareness; Jaelyn Hall (Bryan) Health Career Display; Quinn Middleton (Bryan) Clinical Specialty; Trinity Beaverson (Bryan) Creative Problem Solving; and Chascity Brehm (Hilltop) Creative Problem Solving.  Absent from the photo are Kalib Riter (Bryan) Health Informatics; and Kyla Day-Hemmenway (Bryan) Creative Problem Solving.

HOSA Students Qualify for State Competition

HOSA - Defiance
Contest winners from Defiance County are (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Carolyn Coburn (Defiance); Jasmin Minck (Fairview); Eva Wermer (Fairview); Kaycie Betz (Fairview); Brianna Swank (Fairview); Kylee Drewes (Tinora); (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Sarah Schroeder (Ayersville); Nathaniel Bany (Fairview); Phenix Yochum (Hicksville); Aspen Watson (Fairview); Brianna Leavitt (Defiance); and Angel Rogers (Defiance).  Absent from the photo are Ava Lichty (Hicksville); Kelly Rohrs (Tinora); and Mackenzie Biliti (Defiance).

HOSA - Fulton
Contest winners from Fulton County are (LEFT TO RIGHT) Hailee Kanthak (Evergreen); Tori Johns (Archbold); Emily Hines (Archbold); Makenzie DeSantos (Delta); and Natalee Rose (Archbold).   Absent from the photo are Annabelle Hughes (Delta); and Lacey Monroe (Delta).

HOSA - Henry
Contest winners from Henry County are (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Kiara Maddox (Patrick Henry) Jes Smith (Napoleon); Jasmine Corbitt (Napoleon); Cassandra Banks (Liberty Center); (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Tanner Davis (Napoleon); Skyler Marks (Patrick Henry); Jocelyn Eash (Napoleon); and Sarah French (Napoleon).  Absent from the photo are Faith Kinder (Patrick Henry); and Angela Sheets (Liberty Center).

HOSA - Williams
Contest winners from Williams County are (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Kalib Riter (Bryan); Chascity Brehm (Hilltop) Breanna Reasor (Bryan); Holly Jermeay (Hilltop); Madalyn Herman (Bryan); Heavenlee Owens (Edon); Michelle Sierra (North Central); Kayla Degroff (Bryan); Haileigh Mosier (Bryan); (MIDDLE - LEFT TO RIGHT) Cyrus Elliot (Montpelier); Jaelym Hall (Bryan); Amy Barajas-Rodriguez (North Central); Quinn Middleton (Bryan); Trinity Beaverson (Bryan); Madison Hall (Bryan); Faith Cook (Bryan); McKenna Wendorf (Hilltop); (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Reed Silguero (Bryan); Malerri Fry (Bryan); Lana Baker (Hilltop); Kyla Day-Hemenway (Bryan); Madalyn Ritchie (Edgerton); Kyndra Abrams (Montpelier); Symantha Belknap (Montpelier); and Scout Smith (Bryan).  Absent from the photo is Keagan Nichols (Bryan).

Fall Leadership Conference

Four County Career Center’s  HOSA - Future Health Professionals Chapter recently participated virtually in the State Fall Leadership Conference.  Shown are Health Careers team members who placed 2nd in the Virtual Anatomy Tournament (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Faith Kinder (Patrick Henry); Scout Smith (Bryan); Angela Sheets (Liberty Center); Skyler Marks (Patrick Henry); and Lacey Monroe (Delta).  Health Careers team members who placed 4th in the tournament are (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Ava Lichty (Hicksville); Jocelyn Eash (Napoleon); Mackenzie Biliti (Defiance); Michelle Sierra (North Central); and Kelly Rohrs (Tinora).