Career & Technical Education Month

This February, as Career-Technical Education (CTE) Month takes center stage, we celebrate the rising number of students taking advantage of CTE at one of Ohio’s 99 career centers. With roots stretching over 50 years in the state, CTE in Ohio continues to grow, evolve, and shape the workforce of tomorrow.

Beyond the conventional classroom, these students, the athletes, artists, valedictorians, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow, benefit from a legacy built on strong partnerships. The synergy between the workforce and CTE centers, as well as their educational partners, has been the driving force behind CTE’s success in Ohio. From advisory committees influencing curriculum to businesses offering invaluable work-based learning opportunities, these partnerships create a holistic educational experience that prepares students for the ever-changing demands of the workforce.

Accessible to every high school student in Ohio, CTE offers a rich tapestry of career fields, spanning agriculture/environmental studies, arts and communication, business, construction technology, transportation, education, engineering, finance, health science, hospitality/tourism, human services, information technology, law, marketing, and manufacturing technology.

Four County Career Center provides experienced based education to prepare students to excel in college, secondary education and a range of careers. We have partnered with 22 school districts located across four northwest Ohio counties, including Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams, to provide a one of a kind educational experience.

High school students have the opportunity to enroll in 30 rewarding career and technical programs in their junior and senior years. The enrollment at Four County has exceeded over 1,000 students and accounts for approximately 28% of the area’s juniors and seniors.

The significance of CTE extends beyond high school graduation, offering pathways to diverse post-secondary opportunities, including college, military service, entering the workforce, continued technical training, or even starting a business. Adult training options within CTE further solidify its role as a lifelong learning partner, providing valuable skills and opportunities for career advancement.

Four County Career Center also offers a range of adult programming and business services to improve the employability and productivity of the surrounding community. Approximately 2,000 Adult students every year make use of the school’s adult programming, including programs in Health, Public Safety, and Industrial Training.

Celebrating CTE Month, we applaud Ohio’s career-tech students’ dedication, passion, and achievements – the driving force shaping the future workforce. Here’s to over 50 years of success, impactful partnerships, and a future filled with boundless possibilities.

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