End of Year Information

May 6, 2020 
Dear Four County Juniors: 
I hope all of you are healthy and doing well during this time of school closure due to the  COVID-19. This has certainly been a stressful time for everyone. There are a few important items for Juniors listed below. 
• Juniors will keep their Chromebook and charger for the summer. Students are still responsible for them and will be charged for any damages. 
Lockers and Lab Items
• A schedule for students to pick up items from their lockers or their lab is enclosed. 
• Only students that have something of personal value may enter the building to access lockers. Textbooks, pens, and other small items are not considered items of personal value. Calculators, electronic devices and other like things do fall into that category. 
Entering the Building
Any student entering the building must provide and wear a mask/face covering. No exceptions. 
• Any student entering the building must take their temperature at home and have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
• All students must enter one of the two marked doors next to the student parking lot.
• Students are to be in the building for no more than 10-minutes. Please see following page for schedule and instructions. 
Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy! 
Tim Meister Superintendent 

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