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Congressman Latta Visits the Career Center


Congressman Latta Visits the Career Center

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Welcome to Four County Career Center. We specialize in experienced-based education that prepares students to excel in college, secondary school, and a range of careers. We offer an experience like no other high school in Northwest Ohio.

At Four County Career Center

  • Experience is everything! Enjoy a safe, fun, dynamic, and caring environment where you are treated like an adult and encouraged to succeed.
  • Get a jumpstart on college! Earn valuable college credits in high school.
  • Do more! Prepare for immediate employment and further education while in high school.

Celebrating the First 10 Days of School!







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Information You Need to Know....

Students must be enrolled in one of our 22 associate high schools or an approved home schooling program to qualify for enrollment in a career & technical program.  Applicants must be entering their third year of high school, with no less than eight credits.  Five of the eight credits must be from the following core courses:  English, math, science, social studies, health, and physical education.  An application must be signed by the student's parents/guardians and associate school counselor prior to submitting it to Four County.  In the absence of pre-requisites for a program, students will be placed according to GPA, attendance, and counselor recommendation.