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Excellence in Community Service Award

Four County Career Center was honored to accept the Excellence in Community Service Award for their service on behalf of the "Christmas for Kids" program.  Also, Rick Small along with Ray Dailey both received the Who's Who Excellence Award for Outstanding Leadership for their past twenty years fundraising effort for the same campaign.


Four County Focus Radio Interviews:

11/7/2015 - Senior Citizens Day

11/14/2015 - Parent Teacher Conferences

11/21/2015 - Career Exploration Days



Information You Need to Know....

Students must be enrolled in one of our 22 associate high schools to qualify for enrollment in a career & technical program. Applicants must be entering their third year of high school, with no less than eight credits. Five of the eight credits must be from the following core courses: English, math, science, and social studies. Applications must be submitted online and require parent approval. The application can be accessed at www.fourcounty.net. In the absence of pre-requisites for a program, students may be placed according to GPA, attendance, and counselor recommendation.