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Name   Department   Subject Area   Location   Email  
Alspaugh, Kelli   Certified Support Staff   GRADS Coordinator     Email
Armitage, Tim   Career & Technical Ed.   Pre Engineering Instructor   Northwest State   Email
Bachman, Rick   Administration   Director of Career Tech     Email
Badenhop, Donna   Career & Technical Ed.   Health Careers Instructor     Email
Badenhop, Christine   Certified Support Staff   Librarian     Email
Ballard, Angela   Aides & VOSE   VOSE     Email
Barnes, Maria   Career Assess/Job Trng   Job Training Coordinator     Email
Barton, Renee   Business Office   Asst to the Treasurer     Email
Battershell, Jim   Administration   Career & Tech Supervisor - Attendance     Email
Beck, Doug   Administration   Adult Ed Director     Email
Behnfeldt, Elizabeth   Classified Support Staff   Help Desk/Technology Technician     Email
Beilharz, Mary Jo   Career & Technical Ed.   Medical Office Tech Instructor     Email
Berteau, Thomas   Academic   Chemistry Instructor     Email
Blue, Jason   Academic   Social Studies Instructor     Email
Bogert, Matt   Custodial & Maintenance   Maintenance     Email
Bonner, Jennifer   Administration   Treasurer     Email
Bonney, Shawne   Career & Technical Ed.   Guidance Counselor   Schools-Archbold/Edon/Fairview/Fayette/Hilltop/Montpelier   Email
Boroff, Hannah   Academic   English Instructor     Email
Borton, Teresa   Academic   Math Instructor     Email
Bostelman, Karen   Custodial & Maintenance   Custodian     Email
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